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AGM & Director Vacancies

Preparations are underway for the Coimhearsnachd Bharraidh agus Bhatarsaidh (CBaB) Annual General Meeting. It is to take place on Thursday 22 August at 7:30pm in Castlebay Hall. Prior to the general meeting, we will be going through an election process to elect company directors. Members of CBaB are encouraged to get involved in the process and nominate suitable candidates.  There are potentially 5 vacancies on the board. If more than 5 nominations are received, the membership of CBaB will vote on who will fill the vacancies via postal ballot.  It is very important we have a board of directors with a skill set that reflects the community and needs of Barra and Vatersay and that we have a high level of participation. We would encourage anyone living in Barra & Vatersay to become a member of the company and to participate in the election process. We always need new ideas, fresh approaches and people who have a vision for the future of our community. Being a director of an organisat…