CBAB 2018 Project List

account management as opposed community managed
governance and updating of articles with possible input from DTAS
Development Plan
Housing Survey
HHP/ Voluntary Action Barra & Vatersay/C&V CC and NCC
Toilet/shower block
SME loan Resource Efficient Scotland
CCGS & SG RCGF underspend
Aspiring Communities development manager application
Database development
Swing moorings
Phase 2: completion certificates being issued
Opening: link event officer and year of the youth and launch energy plan
Phase: 3 club house (CBaB office?)
Water Efficiency campaign
Student placement
Crown Estate of Scotland Local Pilots Scheme: an opportunity for organisations around Scotland, such as development trusts and local authorities, to develop project proposals designed to improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of their local area using eligible Scottish Crown Estate assets.
Barra & Vatersay Year of Young People events (LEADER)
Barra & Vatersay p/t events co-ordinator
Opening: link opening marina and energy plan launch

Castlebay charrette
Community Links Project | Sustrans
Herring Walk (extension and W.I.L.L.)
Rural Tourism infrastructure Fund (RTIF) submission by CnES
Active travel funding for schools in Scotland | Sustrans
Active Travel
Active Travel Strategy for the Outer Hebrides
Identification of new off-road routes for Route 780, 'The Hebridean Way’.
OHT follow-me proposal
Scurrival road end pedestrian access (pending)
Northbay Community Woodland
COBEN local energy plan
launch: link event officer and year of the youth and opening of marina
14 actions to take forward
Strathearn Consulting
QuSystems Consulting
Future steering group
micro-/macro-algae production
by-products (omega 3, astaxanthin)
BASF Pharma (Callanish) Limited
salmon feed (replace fish oil as a source of Omega 3-DHA)
bivalve hatchery (cockles, oysters)
vertical gardens
Annie Jane Short film, Site protection
Wind turbine LV supply for substation combined wind scheme on Stornoway Trust land database development
All-weather pitch Asset transfer request
Borve Graveyard EOI form for projects

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